Whatever your position in the art world may be, you'll most probably agree that most intimate exchanges in the art world happen during studio visits. 

One Saturday every month, artists, living and working in Athens, open their studios and show their work as part of Art Athina's initiative OPEN STUDIOS in synergy with the Young Patrons Program of the Museum of Cycladic Art.

Visitors get the opportunity to experience art in its native context, to see works in progress in their natural habitat, and to speak with artists directly about their practice, while artists can expose their work to people and get insightful feedback.

Αs part of Art Athina OPEN STUDIOS, on the 27th of January, Lito Kattou represented by Eleni Koroneou and Elias Tranos represented by Zoumboulakis Galleries and on the 10th of February, Elias Kafouros and Theodoros Zafeiropoulos represented by Alpha Delta and Nitra Gallery respectively, opened their studios and offered a sneak peek of what they have been working on.

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