The 22nd renewed version of the International Art Fair of Athens Art Athina, one of the oldest international art fairs of Europe, opens its doors on Friday, May 26th – 28th at Faliro Pavillion Hellenic Olympic Properties.

12 sections comprise the basic spine of the fair which is composed by 56 local and international participations, according to the program of its new artistic director, Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos.

The artistic program focuses on video, performance, design, project spaces, as well as the history of the organization that was funded by the Hellenic Galleries Association (PSAT) in 1993. Art Athina also includes conversations, children activities, and a very rich VIP program addressed to collectors.

Xenia Kalpaktsoglou as Artistic Advisor and Antonis Kourkoulos as Coordination Manager consist of the new organizing team of Art Athina. The production of Art Athina is entrusted to Be Best company.

The new identity of the art fair is designed by G Design Studio, while Stavros Papagiannis (Stage Design Office) is responsible for the architecture and design of the organization.

Forty-three (43) galleries from all over Greece and abroad present their program in the arena of Faliro Pavillion Hellenic Olympic Properties. (Athens), AD Gallery (Athens), Agathi-Kartalos (Athens), ALMA CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY (Athens), Anna Pappas Gallery (Melbourne), Argo Gallery (Athens), ARTFORUM GALLERY (Athens), ARTOWER AGORA (Athens), ArtZone 42 (Athens), ASTROLAVOS art galleries (Athens), Athens Art Gallery (Athens), CHEAPART (Athens), CHILI ART GALLERY (Athens), Cube Gallery (Patra), DIO HORIA (Mikonos), Donopoulos IFA (Thessaloniki), ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou (Athens), Eleftheria Tseliou gallery (Athens), Eleni Koroneou Gallery (Athens), Elika Gallery (Athens), Ena contemporary Art (Athens), Epsilon Art Gallery (Loutraki), Gallery Ersi (Athens), Gallery ArtPrisma (Pireaus), Galeri Binyil (Istanbul), Kaplanon 5 Art Gallery (Athens), Gallery “7” (Athens), Galerie Ernst Hilger (Vienna), Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center (Athens), Ikastikos kilkos DL (Athens), Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti (Athens), KALFAYAN GALLERIES (Athens), MELKART Gallery (Paris), MIHALARIAS ART (Athens), Nitra Gallery (Athens), Papatzikou Gallery (Veria), PERITECHNON Karteris (Athens), Rebecca Camhi gallery (Athens), Skoufa Gallery (Athens), Technohoros art gallery (Athens), The Blender Gallery (Athens), The Breeder Gallery (Athens), Zina Athanassiadou Gallery (Athens).



New international entries participate in this new section of Art Athina. Art Athina 2017 hosts 13 galleries, the majority coming from Los Angeles.

Safe Gallery (New York), 0 -0 LA, LA ltd LA (Los Angeles), OCHI PROJECTS (Los Angeles), ASHES/ASHES (Los Angeles), Club Pro, LA Sade (Los Angeles), Rod Bianco (Oslo), V1 Gallery (Copenhagen), Martinetz Galerie (Cologne), Nome Gallery (Berlin), EVERYBODY NEEDS ART (Budapest), Artfooly (Bucuresti).


A section conceived and organized by an annually appointed curator. This year’s section will is curated by Myriam Ben Salah (b. 1985, Algiers) editor-in-chief of Kaleidoscope magazine and curator, based in Paris. Ben Salah invites The Third Line gallery (Dubai) and Gregor Staiger gallery (Zurich) to participate in Art Athina with solo shows of artists Sophia Al Maria and Shana Moulton respectively. The title of this year’s Feature section is “Alternatives” and focuses on the work of the two artists who underline with sharp humor and dark precision the contemporary anxieties of our consumer society.


Unique, out of production furniture constitutes the section Design, comprised by Zoumboulakis gallery, Eleni Martinou gallery and Antiqua. The booth of DESTE offers a presentation of 1968, in collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s TOILET PAPER. A small installation featuring Radical Design furniture takes visitors on a making-of tour of the 1968 project while at the same time introduces them to DESTE’s current exhibitions, Liquid Antiquity and DESTE Prize: An Anniversary Exhibition,1999-2015, through the pages of their respective catalogues.

The section Design also includes ATHLOS, a site-specific installation presented by the design studio objects of common interest and supported by Galerie S. Bensimon (Paris). ATHLOS takes place in the main arena and is comprised of seats made out of marble, felt and iron.

Friday, May 26

14.00 – 15.00  Observing and observed: towards a new generation of networked artists

Alexander Burenkov, independent curator and art critic from Moscow presents the project CITIZENSFIVE.

More than 30 young European artists are invited to the project CITIZENSFIVE, a large-scale survey of emergent contemporary video art curated by Alexander Burenkov. CITIZENSFIVE spans the modern world of the last 5 years governed by post-truth politics and sharing economy, the new urgencies of migration and resettlement as well as the changing concepts of citizenship and nationality. How to live and work in such circumstances in a society marked by data acceleration, the omnipresence of images and the nomadic lifestyle? What does it mean to be fully visible to others? Where the blurred boundaries between the private and the public spheres can be found?

16.00 – 18.30  Image – Object: Applications in publishing

A series of talks with selected guest speakers around the notion of the book as an art medium is curated and presented by OMMU as an extension of the PUBLICATIONS, section of Art Athina


19.00 – 20.30  The National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum commemorates artist Dimitris Mytaras.

Coordinator: Dr. Lina Tsikouta, Art Historian, Curator of the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos

Museum, Head of Contemporary Art Collections.

Participants: Marina Lampraki – Plaka, Director of the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Professor Emeritus of the History of Art at Athens School of Fine Arts, Angelos Antonopoulos, artist and Professor at Athens School of Fine Arts, Michalis Manousakis artist and Professor at Athens School of Fine Arts.


Saturday, May 27

13.00 – 14.30   ALTERNATIVE FACTS

Film Screening

Curated by Myriam Ben Salah, followed by Q&A with the curator

Since Donald Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway referred to ‘alternative facts’, George Orwell’s 1984 has sold out on Amazon. In a moment of post-truth and reality-politics, it seems that the term “reality” itself has never been so abstract. Diving into the world of reality TV as a political form of representation and exploring the cyberpunk prophecy where facts become commodities, this screening aims to underline the ambiguous crack that separates lived experiences from their representations and transformations. The program includes content from artists’ films as well as hybrid objects from popular culture.

Kris Jenner, I love my friends, 1985 4.03 min Nico Young, Status Back Baby, 2015 2.33min Meriem Bennani, FLY, 2016 17.34 min

Neil Beloufa, Restored Communications, 2017 13:27 min (excerpt) Kardashian-Jenner sisters, She loves her friends, 2015 3.48min Sara Sadik, BEASTRON, 2014 2.24min

Mamali Shafahi, Nature Morte, 2016 4.23min

Sara Sadik, ABBOOSTER, 2014 0.35 min

Arnaud Dezoteux, Dark meta Reeves, 2016 28.50min

15.00 – 16.30 From the Network to the Community: A network of culture professionals is born within the program of British Council named Transforming Future Museums program

The initiators of the Network of Professional Museums and Cultural Organizations discuss the initiative of setting up a community that seeks to contribute dynamically to the well-being of museums and the people surrounding them.

Introduction by: Maria Papaioannou, Arts Manager, British Council and Sofia Chandakas, Network Coordinator, British Council

Discussion with the participants

17.00-19.00       The future of independent cultural initiatives and project spaces

How can the model of an artistic or curatorial approach, independent and collaborative, provide a thought-provoking platform to reflect on what happens in the art world today and suggest alternatives on the operation, management and production of this system?

Coordination: Despina Zefkili art critic – senior editor “athinorama” & Xenia

Kalpaktsoglou, curator- artistic advisor Art Athina

Participants: Neoterismoi Toumazou (Maria Toumazou, Marina Xenofontos, Orestis Lazouras), Elena Papadopoulos, art historian and curator, artistic director of Radio Athènes institute for contemporary art Radio Athènes, 3 137 artist run space (Paky Vlassopoulou, Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Kosmas Nikolaou)


Sunday, May 28

13.00 – 14.00     Social Innovation and New Forms of Collaboration

New Wrinkle is a nonprofit urban company focusing on exploring social innovation. Its aim is to act as a catalyst for the creation of intercultural, educational and social entrepreneurship programs, which promote new forms of relations and synergies between entities and individuals on an international level.

Speakers: Giorgos Divanis, Konstantinos Macheras, Daphne Zoumpoulaki

14.00 – 15.30     Transition to EUphoria

The Artistic Director of Eleusis 2021 will present the rationale of the proposal by which Elefsina won the title of the European Capital of Culture for 2021, the structure, the vision and the aims of the artistic program, as well as the artistic and theoretical issues that this raises, in an open discussion with the public.

Kelly Diapouli, Artistic Director of Eleusis 2021, will present the proposal that gave to the city of Eleusina the title of the European Capital of Culture for 2021. Mrs Diapouli will describe the structure, the vision and the aims of the artistic program, as well as the artistic and theoretical issues that it raises, in an open discussion with the public.

Speaker: Kelly Diapouli, Artistic Director of Eleusis 2021 – European Capital of Culture

On the Earth, Under the Clouds

Aeschylia 2017

Project Presentation

Artist Danae Stratou and art historian Alexandra Koroxenidi, discuss the site-specific installation Above the Earth, Under the Clouds that Danae Stratou presents in the framework of Aeyschyliafrom June to October 2017 at the Old Olive Oil Workshop in Elefsina.

Coordination: Gogo Voudouri, Medianeras

16.00 – 18.00     Agreement without Principles

A discussion with the Temporary Academy of Arts about the research and exhibition process of

the show Agreement without Principles. Towards a history of contemporary Greek Art: From the institutional to the anti-institutional and the extra-institutional, presented at iset (Contemporary Greek Art Institute). The starting point of the research is the 90s and, touching off the creation of Art-Athina at that time, the discussion examines the field of the galleries and the market of the era.

Coordinator: Galini Notti – Curator, Speakers: Temporary Academy of Arts: Elpida Karaba, Art

theorist – Curator, Glykeria Stathopoulou, Art historian, Despina Zefkili, Art Critic – Senior Editor at “Athinorama”, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Artist

Conversations, panels and interviews fuel the Talks program of Art Athina which is presented in a specially designed room. The detailed program will be released soon

Greek and international independent art spaces, present their projects in Art Athina 2017.

Μore Specifically:

Radio Athènes participates in Art Athina with two sound works by artists Rallou Panagiotou and Eleni Bagaki. The sound works have been commissioned in the context of All: Collected Voices, a project organized by Goethe-Institut Athen and Radio Athènes, curated by Thomas Boutoux and Helena Papadopoulos.

Enterprise Projects -an initiative of curator Danai Giannoglou and artist Vasilis Papageorgiou- participate in Art Athina with a fundraising project: the limited edition of an ashtray (edition of 200) bearing their characteristic logo, made in collaboration with Bend design office.

Neoterismoi Toumazou (Neo Toum) from Cyprus will create a lounge-study room, characteristic of their special aesthetics. They will also present their publishing initiative Neo Toum for the first time to the Athenian audience.

3137 present their collaborative initiative Leftovers featuring artists Amelia Groom, Angharad Williams, Gianmaria Andreetta and Marion Goix. Leftovers combines performance, writing, and sculpture.

ΣΕΡΑΠΙΣ (Serapis) is an international maritime corporation based in Greece, which creates clothing and art, among other works. In Art Athina, Serapis presents a new, limited edition, printed silk scarf. The scarf was designed to be worn by crew members, in this case, the people working for the art fair.

Arbit City Group presents “Trophy Wife”, an outdoor installation of their work, in a new site-specific arrangement. The work consists of 10 nautical flags that spell the two words. As Arbit City Group comments, “Trophywifeis Athens and Athens is the trophy wife.”

The Greco-Parisien brand Pressure which is based in Paris participates in Art Athina with a capsule collection made exclusively for the fair in collaboration with artist Ilyes Griyeb. Pressure also presents an exhibition ofIlyes grayed photography work.


Bookshop and publishing house OMMU selects for Art Athina 2017 a series of independent artist books and catalogues. ΟMMU also presents the first archival exhibition of the publishing effort made by Nikos E. Papadakis, founder of ‘KTE’, the

Athens Design Center ‘ADC’, as well as the gallery and publishing house ‘POLIPLANO’ and the magazine ‘SIMA’. The exhibition includes publications, periodicals, ephemera, and objects.


Τhe annual open-air installation of Art Athina, this year will be presented by Sonora128, a billboard project space by kurimanzutto gallery, programmed by Bree Zucker.

On the VIP balcony, a sculpture park will be presented with works by artists from the participating galleries.

Gianmaria Andreetta, Holy Water, duration: 25-35 minutes

The artist invites the public to a water purification ritual.

Holy Water is part of the Independent projects of Art Athina and is organized by 3 137

Thursday 18:00


Katerina Zacharopoulou, Questions, duration: 2 hours

On the occasion of the installation “Asking” (2014) the artist Katerina Zacharopoulou presents in the exhibition area the Performative tour “Questions”. Zacharopoulou talks about the 25 persons (artists, art historians, writers, collectors) included in the project and invites the viewers-listeners to choose a question that, in their judgment, corresponds to the recorded response of the selected persons, aiming to activate a dialogue that explores the possibilities of re-interpreting the past and understanding those that come.

Friday-Sunday 18:00-20:00


Petra-Luna a musical collective, The Dome

Petra-Luna is a musical collective of improvised music known as musical extemporisation.

The figure shows the musical activity of instant/ instant musical composition that combines the communication of emotions and organic technique with the spontaneous response to the music that is heard by the other members of the scheme participating in the given ensemble.

In the Petra-Luna music college, most of the artists have music education or not. They were created in Petralona, Athens, in 2014.

With the participation of 12 performers. Friday 19:00


Aggelos Skourtis, It is said that a young lady of Avignon is wandering to the streets of Athens, duration 40 minutes

Α poetic performance

Aggelos Skourtis is represented by ekfrasi – yιanna grammatopoulou gallery

Friday- Sunday 20:00-21:00


Goix, LEFTOVERS, duration: 5 hours

The project brings together projects that combine performance, writing, and sculpture. LEFTOVERS has produced a newly commissioned site-specific table setting that will both host and record the live works presented by the artists during the fair.

A collaborative project by Amelia Groom, Angharad Williams, Gianmaria Andreetta, and Marion

Leftovers is part of the Independent projects of Art Athina and is organised by 3 137.

Saturday 15:00


Ana Sánchez-Colberg, An[ot]her 5: One-Off Dance #7, duration: 1 hour

An[ot]her 5 is the next in the cycle of ‘one-off dances’ series of J(us)t 5 created by Ana Sánchez- Colberg for Theatre enCorps. An[ot]her 5 exposes the dialectics between a series of oppositions: the personal/intimate, the public/private, the indoor/outdoor, private dance in a public space.

J(us)t 5 series curated by Thanos Vovolis for Theatre enCorps and Cheap Art

Saturday 19:00

Designed as a hotel room, the video room hosts CITIZENSFIVE, the project that the independent curator and writer Alexander Burenkov has curated for Art Athina. CITIZENSFIVE is a large-scale survey of emergent contemporary art from all over the world, with 32 local and international participants. The screening program confronts our uneasiness at being swept by the digital tide while at the same time it offers a better understanding of our modern hyperlinked society and new perspectives on conceptualizing our contemporary identities.

Art Athina commemorates artists Jannis Kounellis and Dimitris Mytaras.

The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation presents a screening of Heinz-Peter Schwerfel’s film “Frammenti di un diario” (Germany 1996, 46΄) as well as archival and visual material from the Jannis Kounellis exhibition on the cargo vessel IONION (1994). In the context of the tribute, Manolis Baboussis pulls together the presentation “The work of Jannis Kounellis through the lens of Manolis Baboussis”.

The National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum presents three paintings of the great Greek artist, from the collections of the National Gallery.


Independent curator Galini Notti curates an archival exhibition with works that have marked the history of Art Athina. Through an act of introspection, the exhibition attempts to create an overview of the Athenian art fair throughout the years.

Τhe section also includes the audiovisual installation of Katerina Zacharopoulou Asking…” (2014) that was made possible with the support of NEON organization. The installation is based on the material of the interviews conducted by Katerina Zacharopoulou for two decades, with theoreticians and representatives of museums and artists in Greece and abroad.

Artist drawings, painting activities, interactive exhibits, and workshops sustain the program of Very Young Contemporary Art (VYCA) addressed to cat-loving families. The participating artists of Art Athina were asked to create black and white cat-themed drawings, especially for the kids. The young and young at heart art crowd will afterwards explore the drawings, fill them with color and create their own cat hero.