The central section of the exhibition spreads in the two main spaces of the Athens Conservatoire, where local and international galleries present their booths.

a. antonopoulouart (Athens), Agathi-kartalos (Athens), Alma Contemporary Art Gallery (Athens), Anna Pappas Gallery (Melbourne), Argo Gallery (Athens), Artforum Gallery (Athens), Artprisma (Pireaus), Artzone 42 (Athens), Can Christina Androulidaki Gallery (Athens), Cheapart (Athens), Cube Gallery (Patra), Depo Darm (Athens), ekfrasi-yianna Grammatopoulou (Athens), Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery (Athens), Eleni Koroneou Gallery (Athens), Ena Contemporary Art (Athens), Enia Gallery(Pireaus), Epsilon Art Gallery (Loutraki), Françoise Heitsch (Munich), Gallery Ersi (Athens), Gallery “7” (Athens), Genesis Gallery (Athens), Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti (Athens), Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center (Athens), Kalfayan Galleries (Athens), Kaplanon Galleries (Athens), Kappatos Gallery (Athens), Lola Nikolaou (Thessaloniki), Mihalarias Art (Athens), Nitra Gallery (Athens), Peritechnon Karteris (Athens), Skoufa Gallery (Athens), The Breeder Gallery (Athens), Zina Athanassiadou Gallery (Thessaloniki).


Young international galleries join Art Athina upon the invitation of the Artistic Director, Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos. The galleries hosted this year come from London, Porto, Athens, Paris, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Cologne, and New York. Emalin (London), Galeria Quadrado Azul (Porto), Hot Wheels Projects(Athens), Lapaix (Paris), Modern Shapes (Antwerp), SADE (Los Angeles), Soft Opening (London), Stems Gallery (Brussels), Syndicate (Cologne), The Hole (New York), 0-0 LA (Los Angeles)


A section conceived and organized by an annually appointed curator. This year’s section is curated by Artemis Baltoyanni. ‘Pseudomorphs’ borrows its title from minerals formed by the chemical or structural change of another substance, though retaining their original external shape. Metaphrased both formally and conceptually, Pseudomorphs brings together artists exploring layered and ambiguous subject matter including formal investigations, identity politics, and issues of displacement, so present in Greece at the moment. The galleries hosted in the Feature section come from London, Glasgow, Paris and New York. Balice Hertling (Paris), Bonny Poon (Paris), Bureau (New York), Callicoon Fine Arts (New York), High Art (Paris), Koppe Astner (Glasgow), Rodeo (London), Union Pacific (London)


The design project of Art Athina will be taken over by Antiqua gallery (Athens) and will be presenting historical design furniture, lighting and decoratives from masters of design of the post-war period, together with works of art by Greek modernist artists. The New York-based design studio objects of common interest, present an installation designed specially for Art Athina, in the entrance of the fair.

The Talks program of Art Athina 2018 is curated by Katerina Nikou, independent curator and curatorial assistant of Public Programs in documenta 14. The guest participants in Talks come from different cultural backgrounds in the field of contemporary culture and question issues related to curating, collecting and targeting audiences through their own practice. At the same time, a series of performative lectures given by Haris Xanthoudakis are also scheduled.



Thursday, 21st June, 14.00-15.00

Strophe, a Turning (2017)

Speaker: Ellie Ga

37 minutes.

Language: English, Greek


Thursday 21st June, 18:00-19.00

Discussion in the memory of Tamuna Sirbiladze

*The discussion will take place at Tribute

Speakers: Benedikt Ledebur (Vienna)/ Denis Zacharopoulos (Athens)/ Moderator: Max Henry (Vienna)


Thursday 21st June, 19.30-20.30

talk powered by

«How has art in Greece been promoted in the last 10 years»

Speakers: Nikos Diamantis, Artistic Director, Pireaus Public Theatre/ Anna Kafetzi, Director, Annex M, Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall/ Filippos Tsalahouris, Τσαλαχούρης  Assistant Director, Athens Conservatoire/ Serago Tsiara, Director, Centre for Contemporary Art and Biennale of Thessaloniki

Introduction by the Head of TheTOC, Ellie Stae

Moderator: Katerina Liberopoulou, Journalist, TheTOC


Friday, 22nd June, 17.00-18.00


The keys of a cohabitation

Curation: Harris Xanthoudakis


Friday, 22nd June, 18.15-19.15

Contemporary art in the Athenian landscape, after 2000/ Part 1

Speakers: Hugo Wheeler, founder of Hot Wheels Projects, Athens/ Alex Eagleton, founder of Aetopoulos Project Space, Athens/ Macklin Kowal, founder of Sub Rosa Space, Athens

Moderator: Katerina Nikou


Friday, 22nd June, 19:30-20:30

Contemporary art in the Athenian landscape, after 2000/ Part 2

Speakers: Sofia Vamiali, founder of Vamiali’s Gallery, Athens/ Els Hanappe, founder of Els-Hanappe Underground, Athens/ Vassilis Mpalatsos, co-founder of Unlimited Contemporary Gallery, Athens

Moderator: Katerina Nikou


Saturday, 23rd June, 17.00 – 18.00


Differences that unite

Curation: Harris Xanthoudakis


Saturday, 23rd June, 18.00 – 19.15

Exhibition curating: Views from an artistic perspective

Speakers: Andreas Aggelidakis, architect and artist/ Dimitra Vamiali, artist/ Yiannis Varelas, artist/ Kostis Velonis, artist/ Caroline May, artist/ Kostas Christopoulos, artist

Moderator: Katerina Nikou


Saturday, 23rd June, 19.30-20.30

Wayd of curating

Speakers: Paul B. Preciado/ Elena Sorokina

Moderator: Katerina Nikou


Sunday, 24th June, 17.00-18.00


Experiments and visions

Curation: Harris Xanthoudakis


Sunday, 24th June, 18.15-19.15

Cultural activities in the metropolis: the case of London

Speakers: David Gryn, Director, Daata Editions, London/ Antonia Marsh, Director, Soft Opening gallery, London/ Leopold Thun, Director, Emalin gallery, London

Moderator: Katerina Nikou


Sunday, 24th June, 19.30-20.30

Cultural production with an audience: How do we view public space;

Speakers: Cornelis van Almsick, Director, Zeller van Almsick Gallery, Vienna/ Anestis Azas, Artistic director, Experimental Stage of National Theatre, Athens/ Nadia Gerazouni, Director, The Breeder, Athens/ Mari Spirito, founder of Protocinema

Local and international Independent art spaces will participate in Art Athina 2018. Hypercomf, a newly founded, fictitious company, produces installations of a hybrid, soft and comfortable art, objects of everyday use and poetry. SERAPIS, a shipping company based in Greece, produces, among other things, clothes and art objects inspired by the realm of the shipping industry. Enterprise Projects, presents the EP Journal, its recent publishing initiative in the form of a bi-monthly internet edition of a theoretical research text in relation to art in the Greek and English language. 3 137 presents its newly created institution, Gabriela, inviting Raja’a Khalid to create a sound work for the communication department of the new institute. A virus spreads across Art Athina in the form of posters and printed material informing about the number that allows the guests to enjoy the project.


Filippos Tsitsopoulos

and it was grotesque the finite and the infinite

Duration: 45 minutes

Thursday 20:00


a.antonopoulou art

Demi Kaya

U-Turn // Rags to Riches series

Duration: 1 hour

Thursday-Saturday 19:00-20:00


ekfrasi – yianna grammatopoulou

Aggelos Skourtis

The ruins within me

Duration: 20 minutes

Thursday-Saturday 20:00


Cube Gallery

Dimitris Kasdaglis


Saturday-Sunday 12:00-21:00


Arbit City Group

The Badgood

Duration: 30 minutes

Saturday 19:00

This year’s video program runs in collaboration with the DESTE Foundation and presents the video artwork of the Swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg and the Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra. The artwork consists of two video projections specially selected for Art Athina both of which delve, each one in their own artistic means, into the rich symbolic and emotional meanings within psychological states, in an attempt to shed some light to the contradictions in the human nature. The DESTE Foundation participates in Art Athina 2018 with works by two women artists, the Dutch Rineke Dijkstra (b.1959) and the Swedish Nathalie Djurberg (b.1978). Two different screenings were selected specifically for presentation in the unfinished facilities of the Athens Conservatoire, this emblematic building of Greek modernity designed by the architect Ioannis Despotopoulos. The two artists use different artistic languages to explore extreme psychological conditions rich in symbolic and emotional meanings as they attempt to render the contradictions of human existence more understandable.

The Vienna based Gallery Charim in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy in Athens will pay a special tribute to late artist Tamuna Sirbiladze. Taking into account her special relation to Athens and to Art Athina as well, a selected choice of her works together with a work by Elisabeth Penker will be presented.
A discussion in honor of Tamuna Sirbiladze will be held on-site at Art Athina, Thursday, 21 June, at 18.00 hours with contributions by Max Henry (Vienna), Benedikt Ledebur (Vienna) and Denys Zacharopoulos (Athens).



The Copelouzos Family Art Museum and Αrt Athina announce for the first time a prize to be awarded to a Greek artist participating in Art Athina for his/her whole work. The main aim of the Museum is to contribute to the promotion of contemporary art as well as the work of Greek artists and will be awarded by a selection committee.


For the first time, Art Athina establishes in collaboration with J.F. Costopoulos Foundation an educational program for students of the Athens School of Fine Arts running all year round. Art Athina Educational Program aims to inform, inspire and prepare young artists and theorists for their introduction to the art industry. The program brings together students with artists and art professionals through visits to artists’ studios and the galleries that represent them. Christina Nakou and Daphne Kouri are responsible for the management and coordination of the program. The new venture will be presented in the context of the talks of Art Athina 2018.


For the first time in its 23 year course, Art Athina has its own artist’s residency of a two-month period with the support of the Municipality of Athens and Athens Culture Net. Six artists from Australia, Portugal, the United States, France, and Britain will spend four weeks in Athens seeking inspiration in the city and creating the works that will be presented at the fair. The program is implemented in collaboration with the Museum of Cycladic Art.


For one Saturday each month, from October to May 2018, Art Athina invites the Young Patrons of the Museum of Cycladic Art to studio visits with artists represented by the participating galleries of the fair. Art Athina Open Studios offers a unique opportunity to the Young Patrons to meet the artists in their working environment and familiarize with their practice.