Art Athina Summer Pop Up

19-23 June 2019

Aiolou St. 48-50

Preceding this year’s autumnal edition of the fair, will be Art Athina Summer Pop Up: an international exhibition in the heart of the city, signifying what is to come at Art Athina 2019.

Located in the ample empty spaces of an office building on 48-50 Aiolou St., galleries from Greece, United Kingdom, USA, Sweden and Austria will prepare the city’s art audience for Art Athina 2019. In total, Art Athina Summer Pop Up will include 34 Greek galleries, exhibiting one artist each, and 6 international galleries, visiting from abroad.

Participations from Greece include: a. with Stefania Strouza, Agathi Kartalos with Filippos Fotiades, Alibi Gallery with Iakovos Volkov, Alma Contemporary Art Gallery with Vana Fertaki, ArtPrisma with Katerina Kokkinaki, Astrolavos with George Papakarmezis, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery with Efi Chaliori, Cheapart with Babis Karalis, Citronne Gallery with George Lappas, Cube Gallery with Makis Kiriakopoulos, Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti with Cacao Rocks, ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou with Angelos Skourtis, Elika Gallery with Vaggelis Gkokas, EPsilon Art Gallery with Evi Kirmakidou, Gallery “7” with Konstantinos Archaniotis, Gallery Ersi with Dimitris Chiotopoulos, Gallery Genesis with Stratigoula Gianikopoulou, kaplanon5 art gallery with Dimitris Anastasiou, Kappatos Gallery with Marina Abramovic, Miharalias Art with Chryssa, Papatzikou Art Gallery with C O S T I S, PeriTechnon Karteris art gallery with George Giotsas, Rebecca Camhi Gallery with Morris Ganis, Skoufa Gallery with Panagiotis Beldekos, Zina Athanasiadou Gallery with George Giparakis, Art Appel Gallery with Nikos Giavropoulos, Art Ζone 42 with Konstantinos TheMonk, The Breeder with Aristeides Lappas, Crux Galerie with Ilias Papailiakis, Kalfayan Galleries with Kostis Velonis, Rodeo with Tamara Henderson, Artforum Gallery with Panagiotis Tanimanidis, Technohoros with Stathis Vatanides and Allouche Benias with Vassilis H.

The international programme of Art Athina Summer Pop Up includes Edel Assanti gallery from London and Anat Ebgi gallery from Los Angeles, showing two solo shows by artists Dale Lewis and Neil Raitt accordingly. Both artists spent a month in Athens producing artworks inspired by the city, which will be displayed at Art Athina Summer Pop Up. This initiative was realised with the support of the Municipality of Athens and Athens Culture Net. Loyal Gallery (Stockholm) participates with Jim Thorell, while Soft Opening (London) presents artists Alix Vernet and Ryan Driscoll. Vienna based gallery Sophie Tappeiner hosts the photographer Sophie Thun (supported by the Austrian Embassy) and the sculptor Sydney Shen. Finally, Zeller Van Almsick (Vienna), also from the Austrian capital presents the work of Johnny Niesche.